Dangerous Goods Shipping

Dangerous Goods Shipping Services

When it comes to shipping dangerous goods it is essential to transport in safe conduct and in full compliance with regulations. It is also important to take into consideration the potential adverse effects of temperature, pressure, and humidity variations, as well as the risk of damage due to vibrations and improper handling.

At Elite logistics, we are currently handling different Worldwide shipping operations of dangerous-goods with our clients and we are committed to one of our multinational clients who trusted us to ship 260,000 TONs of Ammonium Nitrate during the current and next year as per our contract.

Elite Logistics is specialized in all aspects of carrying dangerous goods, from identification to marking, labeling, and documentation. We handle nearly every class of dangerous goods across a wide range of products except class one, including:

Chemicals – Fine chemicals – Petrochemicals – Petroleum products – Liquefied gases – Aerosols – Cosmetics – Paints
Batteries – Dry Ice – Infectious substances